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Help Larissa take the Plunge!

Featured photo: Larissa Donovan and Josh Peterson the first to go in the lake on Feb. 10, 2018. The anticipation. The shocking cold. The FIERCE competition! This year’s Bemidji Jaycees BRRRmidji Plunge will be like no other! Due to COVID-19, only one “celebrity” will take the Plunge this year, and …

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LIVING UNITED: 2020, A Year Of Generosity

There has been no shortage of words or phrases to describe the year 2020. Many of them can’t be repeated on the airwaves, and WON’T be repeated here. But Denae Alamano, Executive Director of the United Way of the Bemidji Area, has been front and center in the efforts to get …

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Five Helpful Websites You Probably Don’t Know About

5 Helpful Websites You Probably Don’t Know About 1.  You enter a bunch of random ingredients that you have on hand, and it suggests recipes you can make.   2.  It lets you send yourself an email one year in the future, or even farther …

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