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Inspirational Road Signs

Road signs with short,  inspirational poems have been popping up across the country.  Like one on the side of a highway in Minnesota that says, “Remember the time, sitting by so much water, when we all just laughed.” An unnamed artist has been putting them up and posting photos all …

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BACK TO SCHOOL: Blackduck, Kelliher and Red Lake

Bemidji Area Schools have set a plan for back to school for this fall, with in-person learning for elementary students and a hybrid model for students 6-12. Find out more about Bemidji’s plans here. Schools in the more rural parts of Beltrami County, such as Blackduck, Kelliher and Red Lake, …

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BACK TO SCHOOL: Bemidji Area Charter Schools

Charter schools in the Bemidji Area serve students from Kindergarten through 12th grade, and many have cooperative agreements for bussing, special education and food services through the Bemidji School District. As a result, some charter schools in the Bemidji Area have also opted to begin four days later than previously …

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