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Aerosmith with Run DMC/LiveWire https://loudwire.com/aerosmith-run-dmc-walk-this-way-2020-grammy-awards/

Aerosmith performs at Grammys, honors Kobe Bryant

Hey all, hope you had a good weekend!

The Grammy Awards were held last night, hours after the news that basketball star Kobe Bryant had been killed in a helicopter crash in California.

Aerosmith performed “Walk this Way” with Run DMC, see this clip I found on Twitter

Also in the Twitter-verse, I saw many that thought Aerosmith did not do a good job, with critiques like sloppy guitar work and some off-pitch Steven Tyler vocals.

Honestly, with guitarists, I have no idea if they’re playing solos out of key on purpose or not. Sometimes it has a really jazzy effect? And other times, it just sounds like nails on the chalkboard.

Recently, Aerosmith let go of their drummer after he had a shoulder surgery, saying his drumming didn’t have enough energy for the Grammys.