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A Great Idea For The Holidays, USPS Operation Santa

From our “Good News of the Day”  (every weekday at 7:40am) on the Z99 Morning Show! The United States Postal Service has expanded its annual Operation Santa program this year, and made it all virtual because of the pandemic. They’re going to take in more “wish lists ” than ever …

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Inspirational Road Signs

Road signs with short,  inspirational poems have been popping up across the country.  Like one on the side of a highway in Minnesota that says, “Remember the time, sitting by so much water, when we all just laughed.” An unnamed artist has been putting them up and posting photos all …

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Over 50 Major Acts Are Formally Asking Politicians To Stop Using Their Music Without Permission

Bands and artists are sick of politicians using their songs without asking.  And now they’re combining their star power to do something about it . . . Dozens of big names got together with a non-profit called the Artist Rights Alliance.  And they put out an “https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/campaign-music-clearance-open-letter-1034870/” open letter yesterday, …

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Moondance Jam Re-scheduled for 2021

A letter from Kathy Bieloh to all Jammers: Hi Jammers, I want to thank you all for your patience while everything has been put on hold for Moondance Jam 29 during this COVID-19 pandemic. As I have watched this all play out here in the northland, across the state and …

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Z99 Listeners! We Need Your Help!

Z99 Listeners we need your help! Do you live near Grand Rapids or Walker and have had any problems with the Z99 signal. Are you having a hard time getting Z99 like you used to? Please let us know! We may be getting some interference and would love to solve …

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