THE LAST PRIZE STANDING: Cash Is King! Mayor Jorge Will Draw The Winning Name Thursday!

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We started out with 40 prizes, and 39 qualifiers later, they have whittled it down to THE LAST PRIZE STANDING. And sure enough…despite Disneyworld, Maui, Belize and Alaska trips; despite landscaping, outdoor kitchens, new appliances and groceries for (at least) a year…when all was said and done…cash was once again king.

$5,000 cash is the LAST PRIZE STANDING and Bemidji Mayor Jorge Prince will stop by the studios Thursday morning to draw out one name amongst the 39 qualifiers, and that one person will take home the cash! Listen around 7:40am Thursday!

  1. We’ll get you ready for the next pandemic with all the supplies you need

No need to worry about toilet paper and hand sanitizer shortages. We’ll give you all the TP you’ll need to survive the next pandemic, plus sanitizer and masks. We’ll even pay your streaming fees once a lockdown is kicked in.

  1. A Trip for Two to Nashville and the Grand Old Opry

A Country Music fan’s perfect vacation. We’ll fly you to Music City USA where you’ll get to go tour and go to a performance at the Grand Ole Opry, plus the Country Music Hall of Fame. Check out Broadway, where up and coming Country stars are trying to make a name for themselves in the Honky Tonks of Nashville.

  1. We’ll Pay $5,000 of expenses towards your funeral

We all have ideas on how we want our funeral to go. We’ll help make it happen. If you want that casket with the Twins logo on it, or want to make sure things are done a certain way, you set it up with your Funeral Director and we’ll pay $5,000 towards it…and hope you don’t get to use your prize for a long, long time.                        

  1. A Trip for Two to Maui

They say Maui is the most Hawaiian part of Hawaii. You’ll experience one of the most beautiful spots on earth. Enjoy the sun, the beach, the ocean, the luaus and so much more. It’s a dream vacation. What more is there to say?

  1. A Trip for Two with Todd Haugen to the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY

Could there be anything more fun than seeing Corvette after Corvette after Corvette? Todd Haugen doesn’t think so either. You and Todd will tour the Museum and Todd will tell you every little detail of every single car. Is that a vacation or what?

  1. A Fishing Trip to Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula

Alaska is the last frontier. And it’s one of the most amazing places to go fishing. Particularly salmon fishing. You’ll catch salmon after salmon after salmon on the Kenai River and you may end up out in the ocean trying a little halibut fishing too. If you love the outdoors, you’ll love this incredible vacation.

  1. We’ll Pay $5,000 of expenses towards your wedding

Whether it’s the flowers, the dress, the reception, or the band…a wedding is not cheap. We’ll help out. We’ll pay $5,000 to your florist, DJ, caterer…whatever you want us to do. We’ll even stop by and make a toast at the reception if you want.

  1. A Major League Baseball Multi-Stadium and Game Tour

If you love baseball, you’ll love this summer getaway for two. You’ll spend a few days traveling to Major League Ballparks. You’ll see the games, tour the stadiums and there are several other features only a true baseball fan would love. If the phrase “Play Ball” means more to you than “I Do”…this is for you!

  1. A Zombie Apocalypse Bunker Kit

We’ve been hearing that it’s coming. No more lollygagging. It’s time to build your Zombie Apocalypse Bunker. We’ll help you get that done…and stock it with a few necessities too. You know, water, TP…the usual.

  1. Oil Changes for the next 20 years!

Every 3,000 miles or is it 5,000 now? Anyway, we need to get an oil change pretty regularly. We’ll cover yours for the next 20 years or so, depending on cost. You don’t have to pay for it…you just have to remember to do it!

    1. A Trip For Two to New York with your guide Larissa Donovan

    So Larissa’s from New York and she’ll be your tour guide. Explore all the things that make New York…New York. Delis, landmarks, and maybe even Broadway.

  1. 7 years of Craft Beer (A Growler a week…must be 21 or older)

We have some incredible craft brewers in the north country, and you could win a bunch of it! We’ll buy you a growler a week…for the next seven years. Must be 21 or older. Please use in moderation.

  1. African Safari for two…But YOU have to figure out how to get there (airfare NOT included)

An African Safari is an amazing experience, but it’s not cheap. We’ll provide you the adventure, but you’ll have to figure out how you’re getting there, because we can’t afford the airfare.

  1. A Family Vacation to Disneyworld or Disneyland

It’s still the most amazing family vacation. The Magic Kingdom. We’ll take you to Disneyworld and you’ll stay at one of the Disneyworld hotels, and you’ll have the opportunity to experience several of the Disney parks on your Disneyworld family vacation!

  1. A $5,000 Used Car

Sometimes you just need a good beater to get you from here to there. It won’t be beautiful…and it won’t be new. But it will run…at least for awhile. We can help with that. We’ll buy you a $5,000 used car. But if you need more than that, you’ll have to come up with the rest of the cash.

  1. Scuba Diving Vacation to Belize for two

You will scuba dive in one of the best places to dive in the world. Belize. Incredible diving opportunities including the famous Belize Blue Hole. You’ll stay at an all inclusive diving resort with dives included. If you want to swim with the fishes…Belize is the best place in the world to do it…and you’ll be there.

  1. $5,000 towards College Tuition

College isn’t cheap. But we’ll take a little of that pain away. We’ll cover $5,000 of your tuition regardless fo what school you are attending. If you want to better yourself, we’ll help you for at least one semester.

  1. The Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen

We all want to be outdoors in the summer time. We even cook out there. But now it’s time to get to the next level. No more rusted out charcoal grill, no more gas grill with one burner out. You’ll have one of the world’s best grills, an outdoor bar, table and chairs, a fridge and more. If you’ve got the backyard, we’ve got the outdoor kitchen for you.

  1. A room remodel (up to $5,000)

We all have that project we’re going to get to…someday. Well, that day could be today, or at least the day that we give away the prize and this happens to be the last prize standing. A Bathroom, kitchen or bedroom, we’ll pay $5,000 towards the room. The doors, the paint, the work…whatever you need our help with, we’ve got five grand of it covered.

  1. A vacation for 2 to Transylvania, including a tour and Halloween Party at Dracula’s Castle

This seems fun. Deep into the heart of Romania, you’ll go to Transylvania where you’ll get to spend quality time in Dracula’s Castle. Tour the loving living quarters of one of history’s most infamous characters. And then attend the ultimate Halloween party at the castle. That should be epic.

  1. A Landscape Project up to $5,000

If you’re like me, you want a new flower bed here, a new patio there, and a fire ring over there. We’ll provide up to $5,000 towards your landscape project. Whether it’s new flowers, new trees, or a new rock garden, we’ll help make it happen.

  1. A Kayak (oars and all other equipment) for everyone in the family (up to 4)

The family that kayaks together stays together. We’re pretty sure there’s some studies that prove that. Anyway, we want you to hit the water with your loved ones. Every weekend, you and your crew can explore the lakes and rivers of Paul Bunyan Country. We’ll give you four kayaks, and all the other items you’ll need, including life jackets and kayak paddles.

  1. The Ultimate Minnesota Lakes Package: A Canoe, A Kayak, A Paddle Board & A Sailboard

There are a lot of ways to enjoy the lakes and river of Paul Bunyan Country and we’ll give you several of the options. This package gives you a canoe, a kayak, a paddle board and a sailboard. When you live in lakes country, this is how you should roll.

  1. Five Years of Pizza! A Pizza a week from all the area’s pizzerias!

Everyone loves pizza. Everyone does, right? Well, there’s a lot of great places to eat pizza in the north country, and you’ll get to try them all…for the next five years. That’s right, we’ll give you a pizza a week from one of the amazing pizzerias in the North Country…for the next five years. Every week, a delicious pizza from somewhere in the north country.

  1. The Ultimate Minnesota Staycation:

You and your family will spend a day and night in all of Paul Bunyan Country’s Best vacation spots, eat at the best restaurants and check out their best attractions. Bemidji, Walker, Cass Lake, Park Rapids…sometimes you don’t enjoy where you live. That will change with this staycation.

  1. A complete Boundary Water Outfitter package for 6 people and 6 days…plus guided fishing!

We are blessed to live with a couple hours of one of the most pristine spots left in the U.S. and North America, Boundary Waters. You’ll enjoy a six day camping and canoeing trip into the wilderness. The complete outfitter package provides canoes, food, tents, sleeping bags, everything you need for a Boundary Waters adventure. By the way, the fishing trip is guided!

  1. A year of dining in Paul Bunyan Country’s finest restaurants.

There are many amazing restaurants in Paul Bunyan Country. And you can experience all of them in the next year. You’ll get a $100 gift card to 50 of Paul Bunyan Country’s finest dining establishments. You get a five star meal every week for the next year! Talk about date night!

  1. A one week California Wine Country vacation including tours!

We’ll fly you to Napa Valley for a one week vacation in California wine country. You’ll tour several of the best wineries and will have a wonderful week of sampling amazing wines, enjoying incredible food and wonderful weather.

  1. Winter Getaway to Vegas with shows and betting money

Enjoy a winter getaway to Sin City. We’ll send you to Las Vegas where you’ll stay at one of the city’s legendary casino hotels. Enjoy the sun, the food, the shows…and the gaming. We’ll throw in a little money for that too.

  1. Everyone’s favorite getaway…Cleveland, OH!

See the Cleveland Baseball team in action, plus a trip to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! Everyone wants to go to Cleveland. And you get to! Baseball and Rock n Roll. Now that’s a vacation!

  1. The ultimate Paul Bunyan Country package: 10 lakes, 10 guides.

Fish 10 of Paul Bunyan Country’s best lakes with 10 of Paul Bunyan Country’s best guides. Think about that. All the awesome lakes in Paul Bunyan Country and all the amazing guides. You get to fish the lakes like you never have before, with the best anglers leading your way. And you get to bring someone with you!

  1. Groceries for a year or more…

We’ll give you $5,000 in gift cards to the area’s grocery stores. Figuring $100 a week in groceries…that will last you a year. But it could last much longer than that! Life is a lot easier if we get free food…and you’re going to get A LOT of food!

  1. A one week vacation for four to Wisconsin Dells!

You’ll stay at Chula Vista in Wisconsin Dells, PLUS a day at Noah’s Ark Water Park, the Dells’ largest water park. Be prepared to stay wet for the whole week. Wisconsin Dells, a great way to spend a summer week.

  1. Fish and Hunt for the Rest of your life!

We are going to make sure you are set for the outdoors…from here on out. We’ll buy you a lifetime fishing license, small game license AND deer license. PLUS, we’ll give you another $3700 in gift cards to area sporting goods stores to make sure you’ve got the rods, reels, tackle, bait, guns and ammo you’ll need.

  1. The Hohner CXG Corona II Xtreme Accordion and Lessons!

I think it goes with out saying, what the world needs now is a great accordion player. You could be that person. Win the amazing Hohner CXG Corona II Xtreme and lessons to make that baby sing! You could be the next Polka king or queen.

  1. This is the perfect date night for movie fanatics:

Tickets for two to the Bemidji Theatres…a movie a week for the two of you for the next five years! All the blockbusters, all the award winners, all the flops. You can see them all on the big screen…but you’ll have to get your own popcorn.

  1. Beaver Hockey Season Tickets for the next seven seasons!

The Bemidji State Men’s Hockey Team is back and fans will be in the stands. You can be there for every game of the next seven years as the Beavers begin the new CCHA era. Great views for you as the Beavers look for an NCAA Championship.

  1. New Appliances for your home!

If your current appliances are running on fumes, or at least starting to show a little wear and tear, we can help. We’ll get you a Kitchen appliance package with fridge, dishwasher, oven range and microwave. Plus a washer and dryer too.

  1. Zero Turn 48” Lawn Mower

There’s nothing that makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something more than a freshly mowed lawn, and with this awesome zero turn 48” mower, your lawn will look better than ever and you’ll do it faster than ever, and the trees? Mere child’s play!


  1. $5,000 Cash

We’ll give you 5,000 one dollar bills! Or we’ll give you 1,000 five dollar bills. We could make it 500 ten dollar bills or 250 twenty dollar bills. If you really wanted, we could go with 100 fifty dollar bills or even 50 one hundred dollar bills. Who are we kidding? Chances are, we’ll just cut you a check…but it will be for FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS!