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Photo courtesy of https://www.visitmusiccity.com

Elvis Presley’s Harley Davidson golf cart?

Happy New Year, northern Minnesota!

All of us here at Z99 hope 2020 treats you right.

We hope you enjoy our new website! Same URL and live streaming capability as before, but with a much more modern feel, wouldn’t you say?

I’m also super stoked I’m actually included in the staff section of these new websites. I wasn’t on the last ones but I’m hoping to put it all behind me within this new decade. News Directors, we get no respect! (I kid, I kid…)

Today, I found out Elvis Presley’s Graceland estate is hosting a huge auction next week, and among the items, an estimated $70,000 Harley Davidson golf cart!

I thought it would just be very loud, but boy was I wrong! Or maybe I’m not. To be fair, I haven’t actually heard it.

Did find a picture, though!

Check out more of Elvis’ stuff for sale here: https://auction.graceland.com/

Stevie Nicks is scheduled to appear in Nashville tonight for the Jack Daniel’s Music City Midnight: New Year’s Eve in Nashville. They’ll be dropping a 16-foot music note in the middle of Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park to commemorate the occasion.

Photo courtesy of https://www.visitmusiccity.com

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