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Larissa visits with Plunge opponents as donation deadline looms

The deadline to submit pledges for the Bemidji Jaycees 17th Annual BRRRmidji Plunge is coming up on Jan. 31, so I, being a most gracious competitor, invited my opponents onto our sister station’s Chatabout program.

Eva Fisher, our Plunge Chair, provided some great information on how the Plunge will work this year. Usually we have 100 people crammed into a little trailer and they high-tail it to the lake, but due to COVID-19, there can only be one!

First Realty’s Noemi Aylesworth is raising funds for Support Within Reach, Bemidji Jaycees President Aliza Thoring is raising funds for the Bemidji Community Food Shelf, Bemidji Superintendent Tim Lutz is raising money for Evergreen Youth and Family Services, and yours truly is raising money for the Northwoods Battered Women’s Shelter.

Everyone but Lutz has done the Plunge before, and $15 is the current difference between the first and second place competitor.

No matter who takes the Plunge, all money raised will be donated to these nonprofits.

But you should really pick me! Submit your pledge online here.