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Moondance Jam Re-scheduled for 2021

A letter from Kathy Bieloh to all Jammers:

Hi Jammers,

I want to thank you all for your patience while everything has been put on hold for Moondance Jam 29 during this COVID-19 pandemic. As I have watched this all play out here in the northland, across the state and nation, it has become pretty clear that we will not be able to get together for Moondance Jam this summer like we had been hoping. As sad as it is, after 28 years, I have decided to postpone Moondance Jam 29 to July 22-24, 2021 for the safety of all of you jammers, my employees, law enforcement, medical crews, vendors, partners and the bands along with their road crews. These are the dates that we had set already for next year, so we’ll use this time to try to retain as much of the current lineup as possible along with filling out the rest of it for an incredible 2021! Your tickets, camping and chair tags that were purchased for this summer will be good for Moondance Jam 29 in 2021. If for some reason you cannot make those dates, I will extend the value of what you have already purchased in the form of a Moondance credit voucher that can be used at any Moondance festival in 2021 or 2022.

Like I told the country jammers, Moondance has been an uphill battle for me for the past several years and I’m stuck in the same spot that a lot of other small businesses are right now. We look really big during festival time, but most of the year I have two employees with Renee managing the ticket office and Charles managing the grounds. I know there are lot of people out there stuck in a worse place than I am right now, so I’m not looking for any pity. I’m just facing the reality of this situation and want to make sure that Moondance Jam continues to happen for all of us. If I were to give out refunds this year there is no way that the Jam will happen next year. And I think that by the time next summer rolls around, we are all going to really be ready to get back together with our Moondance family and celebrate. I know that I will be more than ready!

For those of you who need to take advantage of the credit offer, you will need to send your tickets, camping passes and/or chair passes back to us by July 15, 2020 and we will mail you back the credit voucher that’s good for any Moondance festival in 2021 or 2022. For the rest of you who have already purchased your tickets, camping and chair tags and are planning on coming in 2021, keep them in a safe place so that you are ready to rock next summer!

I wish that I could do more, but this is the best I can do to try to make this right. I want to thank all of you for all of your support over the years and especially right now. I truly appreciate it and I cannot wait until we all get back together again in 2021!

Thank you,
Kathy B

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