Rick & Nick Talk Flicks

Rick & Nick Talk Flicks is about movies by two revered local movie critics…and since they’re unwilling and/or unable to actually DO their podcast we found two other guys who love movies; Joel Hoover & Dave Brooks. With a theme on most episodes it’s clear that these two fill-ins spend waaaaay too much screen time.

Latest Episodes

Episode V – Big Bright Stars

May 30, 2017 With no Rick nor Nick, again, those fill-ins shine a spotlight (see what we did there?) on the guys & gals that light-up The Big Screen!

Episode III – Experience Matters

May 1, 2017 Why watch an “Epic Movie-going Experience” on your teenie-tiny device screen when there’s a massive canvas just waiting to transport you? Let us count the ways…

Episode II – Summer '17 Preview

Apr. 17, 2017 From Wonder Woman to Spider-Man, wars against Apes and battles at Dunkirk, Rick & Nick’s fill-ins preview the upcoming Summer ’17 movie season!

Episode I – The Fill-Ins

Apr. 3, 2017 First episode with no Rick nor Nick to be found, what will the fill-ins discuss when it comes to a general topic of What Makes a Good…