Rick & Nick Talk Flicks

Rick & Nick Talk Flicks is about movies by two revered local movie critics…and since they’re unwilling and/or unable to actually DO their podcast we found two other guys who love movies; Joel Hoover & Dave Brooks. With a theme on most episodes it’s clear that these two fill-ins spend waaaaay too much screen time.

Latest Episodes

Episode LXVI – The Rick & Nick Job

July 28, 2020 Thou shalt not steal…but it can be fun to watch! Heist movies tend to be slick, well-constructed and we love ’em!

Episode LXV – Everybody Loves a Comeback

July 7, 2020 Things come and go and sometimes they come back! What would we like to see make a return to glory? Genres, performers, styles, etc. A tour of…

Episode LXIV – We're Drawn to Them

June 24, 2020 Animated movies are the heart and soul of not only kids’ lists of favorites but many Big Peoples’ too. From Disney to anime, a look at the…

Episode LXIII – A Covid Catch-Up

June 2, 2020 Box office is usually going berzerk this time of year but the Coronavirus Pandemic continues with crickets. What’s going on and where may this be leading to…

Episode LXI – Ramblin' About the Amblin Man

Apr. 28, 2020 – We may as well call this episode “We love Steven Spielberg!” From E.T. to Jurassic Park and his upcoming West Side Story, this guy could make…

Episode LX – Quarantine Queue

Apr. 14, 2020 We’re all watching more shows & movies these days while laying low during the pandemic. Here some ideas and great under-the-radar movies worth checking out.

Episode LIX – Virus d'Cinema

Mar. 31, 2020 The coronavirus has hit the world and the big screen quite hard! With streaming providing the bulk of movies these days, Dave & Hoov wade into uncharted…

Episode LVIII – I Just Can't…I'm Done

Mar. 3, 2020 Sometimes you just have to know when to walk away. Concepts, franchises and even some people who we think need to gracefully step aside.

Episode LVII – ReReReRecycle

Feb. 18, 2020 How many times can you reboot/relaunch/readapt the same source material before it’s time to come-up with a fresh idea?